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Image Requirements & Upload Instructions

E-Mail /Upload: Your Photos must be at least 300 dpi resolution. We accept ONLY .jpg (non-compressed), .png, .psd, .psp, .ai & .eps - PC formats (We do not accept MS Word, Publisher, Presentation, MAC files, or any other type of Layout) If your file is large, you can zip it with winzip.

If uploading files - You may send it through the personalization form. All instructions are present on the page.

If sending files via e-mail - Include your full name and order number both in the subject line and within the e-mail. Attach as a file, do not embed the file within the e-mail as the resolution will be reduced.

Photos via US Mail - should be sent to Robinís Nest Monogramming, 1604A Hughes Road, Madison, AL 35758. If sending a CD, please include your name, phone number and email address on the CD label as the order number.

Photos & Files - When supplied with less than perfect photographs and digital files, we will attempt to adjust your photo for its best output, however, we cannot guarantee color or photo quality of the printed output. Between scan, print and press, colors may shift. We cannot accept responsibility or returns unless we have made an obvious error. For example, if you send us a photo with trees and bushes in the background, the printed greens may not be the same green as in the photo. However, if there is a gross color difference, such as the green comes out red, and it manages to slip through our quality control, we will re-make your order. Just notify us in writing (e-mail) within 72 hours of receipt of your order.

We cannot guarantee color matching with personalized products. Please do not ask for non-standard colors or shades such as Vegas gold, periwinkle blue, silver, cherry red, light lilac, gold, etc. These colors are mean different things to different people and are not on standard color palettes. If you do request odd colors, we will attempt to come as close as possible to what we think that color is. We do not accept returns because the color is not the shade you assumed.

Professional Photography - We require that all professional photographs be accompanied by a release from the photographer. Please do not send professional photographs without the release. Releases can be emailed to: Any professional photograph sent to us without a release will not be returned unless you send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Web Images - Just because an image is on the world wide web does not mean that anyone can use it. Please do not send images that you have copied off the internet unless you have permission to use it. Most web images, including online photo albums, are very low resolution and are not print quality.

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